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YANA NESPER – a class of its own Just like her pearl collections, Yana Nesper embodies elegance, class and a youthful freshness. As the daughter of a family of professors she spent her youth in Nikolayev on the Black Sea in the Ukraine. There she completed the study of classical piano, which influenced her appreciation for grace and beauty. In 1994 she married Frank Nesper, managing director of Heinz Nesper GmbH in Pforzheim. With great diligence she learned all about pearls, starting from scratch. Today she is responsible for design and marketing in the traditional company. Yana Nesper creates fine yet simultaneously casual pearl jewellery for women who live with their feet firmly on the ground: self-sufficient, educated and challenging. With her collections she creates an oasis of tranquillity in our fast moving times. ''Because life expects top performance and flexibility from us in all areas, many of us long for constancy, tradition and a hint of luxury such as are embodied in the pearl jewellery of YANA NESPER.'' The exciting pearl creations of Yana Nesper bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.