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About us

Handmade Exclusive Jewelry from Antwerp. Ines Bouwen, born in 1980 and raised between jewelry and diamonds. Together with my sister, we have been involved in the company of our parents since childhood. While my father worked in the diamond business, my mother specialised in the jewelry sector. Their first shop was in our living room and so the company has grown to what it is today. DIAMOND AND GOLDSMITH TRAININGS I started my goldsmith training in Antwerp when I was 15 years old, there I learned all the classical manual skills. After my education, I spent a few years practicing these techniques at a goldsmith atelier in Antwerp, which has sharpened my precision. It’s there I developed my eye for detail. I also followed an education as diamond grader at the “Hoge Raad voor Diamant” (HRD) or Diamond High Council in Antwerp. Since the year 2000 I design my own collections, where I select with professional excitement the most beautiful diamonds for my designs. INSPIRATION The starting point of my collections can be very figurative or abstract. It can be an atmosphere, a thought, an artwork, architecture, the sunlight and its shadow, nature… As a designer it is important to be open to different materials and forms, you look with a different eye to be inspired. For me there is no standard way to design things, it has to be an exciting ride. Experimenting with elements gives me a sense of freedom, to try things and play with them to see what happens. It’s important to me to keep believing that something magical can happen. Together with my sister Inge, who takes care of the marketing and communication of our company, we are the next generation to continue the business. My sister is driven by everything that is good for her senses and knows how to put these glories of life into words. She has a strong desire to grow in life and she knows how to find and walk these roads. We complete each other in a certain way and that makes us a good team. As a team, we try to tell stories that hopefully inspire your and other peoples dreams and thoughts