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About us

Caroline Gaspard is a modern day adventurer, a young woman of her time, audacious and determined. Ever since 2007, AKILLIS distinguishes itself by its original design, French know-how and innovative techniques. The designer loves having fun and changing her style according to her mood. She stands out by creating unique and modern pieces. Each collection reflects a different aspect of her personality. AKILLIS rejuvenates the traditional world of French jewellery and offers strong collections for men and women alike. To keep up with its boundless creativity, AKILLIS needed to set up its own workshops – the brand is uncompromising when it comes to the excellence of French jewellery makers – and even boasts its own foundry with a dedicated smelter for each alloy. Based in Lyon, its team of jewellery makers, gemsetters, polishers and foundry workers – united in their love of a job well done – fashion Akillis designs from the finest materials: gold, platinum, diamonds, fine and precious gemstones. Traditional manufacturing processes such as lost-wax casting are used alongside the most advanced technologies, from laser welding to water jet polishing machines. Eager to share its know-how, the Akillis team is also ready to tackle any challenge, whether it be manufacturing a hollow, perfectly rounded bullet with undetectable soldering for the AK line, moulding Cruella earrings into a second-skin fit, or bringing the scales of a python to life. Besides mere technique, acquiring the right level of sensitivity for the workmanship requires hours spent alongside experienced craftspeople. Thus younger team members learn skills such as matching the cut of stones with perfect regularity – AKILLIS jewellery is grain set with six claws, adjusting the bristles of a brush, or removing a thread to achieve a perfect polish on a jewel and give it a life of its own so it doesn’t end up sitting in a safe.